Strawberries and Cream (1317) Wheatena (1298)

Eggs Molet, au Gratin Fried Smelts, Tartare Sauce (47)

Corned Beef Hash (241)

Rice Cakes (221)

1522. Eggs Molet, Au Gratin

Plunge twelve fresh eggs in plenty of boiling water for five minutes, remove and drop them in cold water for a minute, take up and shell them, then place in a baking dish.

Prepare a sauce Italienne (No. 1244), pour it over the eggs, sprinkle a tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese over them, set in the oven for five minutes, remove and serve.


Stuffed Devilled Clams (567)

Mutton Curry, Tartare (836) Macaroni, Sauveterre (1223)

Apple Dumplings (707)