Stewed Prunes (1) Wheatena (1398)

Scrambled Eggs with Chervil

Fish Balls with Bacon (260)

Calfs' Liver, Lyonnaise (2668)

Hashed Potatoes au Gratin (173)

Cornmeal Pones (990)

3060. Scrambled Eggs With Chervil

Crack eight fresh eggs in a bowl, add a half gill cream, leaves from three branches very fresh chervil, a half teaspoon salt, three saltspoons white pepper, and sharply beat up with fork for one minute. Heat a tablespoon melted butter in sautoire, drop in eggs and cook for six minutes, frequently stirring meanwhile, dress on a deep hot dish and serve.


Celery Broth (951)

Snails, Bourgignonne

Highlander (1734)

Potato Croquettes-Vanilla

3061. Snails, Bourguignonne

Procure five dozen large, gray French snails, break chalk which holds them in shells, and place in a vessel. Add a handful salt and gill vinegar, turn well in seasoning for five minutes, then let them disgorge for an hour, turning once in a while. Wash in plenty cold water, lift up, place in a saucepan, pour in cold water enough to cover, season with a teaspoon salt, cover pan and let boil for ten minutes. Drain on a colander, then with a needle pick them out from shells, pull off tails, place in a small earthen pot, add a small carrot cut in quarters and an onion with a clove stuck in it. Tie in a bunch two branches parsley, a branch chervil, small branch celery, small sprig thyme, bay leaf, and add to snails with a bean garlic. Pour in just enough white wine to nearly cover snails, a pint broth, season with heaping teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, cover pan, boil on fire for five minutes, set in oven for two hours, remove, lay pan on table and let slightly cool off. Thoroughly clean shells and wipe dry, place a snail in each shell and arrange in a baking dish with open side up. Strain snail broth through cheesecloth into a bowl, and with teaspoon pour a very little broth into each shell.

Fill them up with Bourguignonne butter, set in oven for eight minutes, remove and serve in same dish with two-tong forks or oyster forks.

3062. Bourguignonne Butter

Place in a mortar three sound, peeled shallots, a half bean garlic, two branches parsley, a branch chervil and six branches chives. Thoroughly pound until exceedingly smooth, add an ounce butter, half saltspoon salt, and briskly pound again for one minute. Press butter through sieve into a bowl, add three tablespoons fresh bread crumbs, mix until well amalgamated and use as required.

3063. Potato Croquettes-Vanilla

Boil six medium, peeled potatoes in two quarts boiling water with a teaspoon salt for thirty-five minutes, drain on sieve and press through potato masher into a saucepan. Add a saltspoon salt, one and a half ounces powdered sugar, a teaspoon vanilla essence (No. 3036) and two egg yolks. Sharply stir with wooden spoon on the fire for three minutes, remove, place preparation in a dish and let slightly cool off. Divide in twelve equal parts, roll out on a lightly sugared board into cork-like pieces, dip in beaten egg and lightly roll in fresh bread crumbs. Arrange in a frying basket, fry in boiling fat for six minutes, lift up, drain well, arrange on dish with folded napkin, sprinkle a little powdered sugar over and serve.