Stewed Prunes (1)

Boiled Rice (113)

Scrambled Eggs with Mint

Perch Saute Meuniere (293)

Broiled Pigs' Feet on Toast (434)

Hashed Potatoes in Cream (220)

Flannel Cakes (136)

1446. Scrambled Eggs With Mint

Crack eight fresh eggs in a bowl, add a half gill milk, season with a half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper, adding one heavy teaspoon freshly chopped, very fresh mint leaves, and briskly beat up with a fork one minute. Heat a tablespoon butter in a frying pan, drop in the eggs and cook for six minutes, briskly mixing meanwhile, dress on a hot dish and serve.


Stuffed Devilled Clams (567)

Haricot of Mutton, Paysanne

Tomato Salad (461)

Pancakes with Chocolate

1447. Haricot Of Mutton, Paysanne

Cut a tender neck of mutton into two-and-a-half-inch pieces. Cut also three ounces lean, raw bacon into one-inch-square pieces. Thoroughly heat three tablespoons lard in a saucepan, add the mutton and bacon and gently brown for twenty minutes, occasionally stirring meanwhile. Remove fat from the pan, sprinkle two tablespoons flour over, stir well, moisten with a pint water and half pint pure tomato juice. Add to the stew one sliced carrot, two sliced onions, two sliced branches celery, one bean garlic, one branch chervil, one bay leaf, one sprig thyme, one sprig mace and two cloves. Season with a heavy teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, mix well, cover the pan, let boil for fifteen minutes, then set in the oven for thirty-five minutes more, mixing with a wooden spoon twice meanwhile. Remove, lift up the bouquet, skim the fat from the surface, pour into a large, deep dish, sprinkle a little chopped parsley over and serve.

1448. Pancakes With Chocolate

Prepare the French pancakes (No. 17), dress on a hot dish and keep hot. Pour one and a half gills cold milk in a small saucepan with two ounces of grated chocolate, place the pan on the fire and boil for five minutes, occasionally stirring. Have in another small saucepan two ounces granulated sugar, two egg yolks and a half teaspoon vanilla essence; briskly mix for two minutes, then gradually add the milk and chocolate, continually mixing meanwhile. Place the pan on the fire, mix for five minutes, remove, strain the sauce over the pancakes and serve.