Baked Pears (216) Barley with Cream (1068)

Poached Eggs, Louise

Kippered Herrings (153)

Small Steaks, Maitre d'Hotel (172)

Potatoes, Saratoga (156)

Curry Cakes (1112)

3090. Poached Eggs, Louise

Cut from a sandwich loaf twelve quarter-inch-thick slices, then cut in round pieces two inches in diameter, toast to a nice golden colour, spread over them a little anchovy paste and dress on a hot dish. Prepare twelve poached eggs (No. 106), lay them on toasts, pour over a Hollandaise sauce (No. 26) and serve.


Tomato Broth (2059)

Oysters, Gianella

Tripe, Mode de Caen

German Apple Pie (2579)

3091. Oysters, Gianella

Place thirty-six freshly opened oysters in an enamelled pan with their own liquor, a gill white wine, and let boil for six minutes. Lift up with a skimmer, place in six egg-cocotte dishes, six in each dish, and skim scum off surface of broth in which oysters were cooked. Finely chop six sound shallots, place in a small saucepan with an ounce fresh butter, fry for three minutes, add an ounce flour, stir well, then pour in the broth. Sharply mix until it comes to a boil, add four anchovies in oil cut in quarters, half teaspoon each freshly chopped tarragon and salt, a saltspoon cayenne, lightly mix and let boil for five minutes. Add an egg yolk, sharply mix, evenly pour sauce over the six dishes, lightly turn oysters with a fork and place dishes on a tin. Sprinkle a little fresh bread crumbs over, set to bake in oven for six minutes or until a nice golden colour, remove and serve.

3092. Tripe, Mode De Caen

Procure four pounds fresh honeycomb tripe and a pound fresh many-plies tripe (the thickest part) all well washed in several changes of fresh water and well drained, and one ox-foot, or two calf's feet if ox-foot is not handy. Carefully bone each foot and cut it into two-inch-square pieces. Have a thoroughly clean earthen pot, line bottom and sides with very thin slices larding pork and place cut-up tripe, etc., in pot. Add two small, very red carrots, two white onions with two cloves stuck in and half a sound, seeded green pepper. Tie in a bunch two leeks, two branches celery, three branches parsley, two branches chervil, a sprig each thyme and marjoram, a blade mace and bay leaf. Add to pot, pour in a half pint white wine, pint cider and quart white broth (No. 701). Season with a heavy teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, lightly mix and cover pot. Prepare a stiff dough with a pound flour and two gills water, roll out on table to length of cover, then fasten all around joint of pot and cover so as to prevent evaporation. Place pot in a very slow oven for fifteen hours, lift up cover, carefully skim fat from surface and remove bouquet of herbs, carrots and onions.

Finely chop together six sound shallots, the red part of a carrot, a bean sound garlic, two ounces raw ham and an ounce raw lean pork. Place this hash in a saucepan with a tablespoon melted butter, gently cook on fire for five minutes, lightly stirring once in a while, then pour in a half gill cognac and let briskly reduce until nearly dry. Transfer contents of pot to this pan, add a gill pure tomato juice, lightly mix with a wooden spoon and let cook rather slowly for forty-five minutes. Dress tripe on a deep hot dish, sprinkle a little freshly chopped parsley over, send to table very hot, with twelve slices of toasted French bread, and serve separately. N. B. After all meat has been cut off from ox-foot or calf's feet, place foot or feet in soup pot.