Gooseberries in Cream (2169)

Malta Vita (1592)

Omelette, Charcutiere

Yarmouth Bloaters (311)

Broiled Squabs on Toast (950) French Fried Potatoes (8)

Grape Fritters

2456. Omelette, Charcutiere

Cut a medium, white onion in half, then finely slice it, place in a frying pan with a teaspoon melted butter and fry until a nice golden colour, then place it in a bowl, crack eight fresh eggs over, season with a half teaspoon salt and three saltspoons pepper, add a half gill milk and sharply beat up with a fork for two minutes. Cut three country sausages in halves lengthwise, heat a tablespoon melted butter in frying pan, add the sausages and briskly fry for two minutes on each side, remove, place on a plate and keep until required. Drop the eggs in the pan in which the sausages were fried, mix with fork for two minutes, let rest for half a minute; fold the opposite sides to meet in the centre, let rest for one minute, turn the omelettes on a hot dish, arrange the sausages around the omelette, dress six thin slices broiled bacon (No. 13) on top and serve.

2457. Grape Fritters

Crack two fresh eggs in a bowl, adding four heaping tablespoons flour, one saltspoon salt, two tablespoons sugar, half gill milk, half salt-spoon grated nutmeg and half saltspoon ground cinnamon, sharply mix with the whisk until well thickened and totally free from any lumps. Pick off the stems from a half pound of small, sweet, white grapes, and add them to the batter and gently mix with a spoon. Thoroughly heat two tablespoons melted butter in a large frying pan, then take up the batter by tablespoonfuls and drop it into the pan in round forms and fry for three minutes on each side. Take them up, dress on a dish with a folded napkin, sprinkle a little powdered sugar over them and serve.


Chicken Broth in Cups (578)

Soft Shell Crabs, Maryland (1512)

Chicken Saute Creole (341)

Broiled Eggplant (2136)

Pear, Charlotte (474)