Grape Fruit (130) Malta Vita (1592)

Omelette, Florentine

White Perch Saute Meuniere (2097)

English Mutton Chops with Bacon (623)

Potatoes, Copeaux (905)

Brioche Fluttes

3051. Omelette, Florentine

Remove stalks, thoroughly wash and drain a pint fresh spinach, plunge into a quart boiling water with a teaspoon salt, boil for ten minutes, drain, press out all the water and finely chop on a board. Place in a sautoire with three saltspoons each salt and sugar, one saltspoon pepper and briskly stir on fire for four minutes, or until dry, then place in a bowl. Crack in eight fresh eggs, add a half gill cream, half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons pepper, and sharply beat up with a fork for two minutes. Thoroughly heat two tablespoons melted butter in a black frying pan, drop in preparation, briskly stir with a fork for two minutes and let rest for half a minute; fold up opposite sides to meet in centre and let rest for a minute, turn on a hot dish and serve.

3052. Brioche Fluttes

Brioche fluttes are prepared and baked same as small brioches (No. 878), but rolling out parts in flute shape instead of round shape.


Chicken Broth (578)

Barquettes, Cardinal

Broiled Grouse, Orange Sauce (2782)

Fried Hominy (235)

Coffee Pancakes (1702)

3053. Barquettes, Cardinal

Roll out on a lightly floured table a quarter pound pie paste (No. 117) to about one-sixth inch in thickness. Have six individual, oval, lightly buttered moulds and carefully line with paste, press down at bottom, all around edges, trim off, fill up with dried beans and set in oven for ten minutes. Remove, take out beans, wipe moulds, and keep till required.

Plunge two one-and-a-half-pound live lobsters in a gallon boiling water with a tablespoon salt, boil for twenty minutes, take up and let slightly cool off. Crack shells from claws and tail, pick out meat and cut it in small square pieces, keeping shells. Place a pint tomato sauce (No. 16) in a saucepan, reduce on fire to two gills and add six sliced canned mushrooms. Mix in little by little a lobster butter, sharply whisking while adding, then add lobster with two saltspoons each salt and cayenne. Gently mix, divide preparation in the six barquettes, sprinkle a tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese over and set in oven for ten minutes. Remove, lift barquettes from moulds, dress on hot dish with a folded napkin, decorate with a little parsley, six quarters lemon, and serve.

3054. Lobster Butter

Place shells and bodies of the two lobsters in mortar with an ounce good butter and pound to a paste. Remove, place in saucepan on fire, stir with wooden spoon until butter is thoroughly melted, then press butter through a cheesecloth into bowl containing some ice water. When the butter becomes entirely cold take up and squeeze out water with hands. Place in a hot bowl and briskly beat with wooden spoon until cold, then use as directed.

N. B. Shrimp and crawfish butter are prepared in same way.