Muskmelons (2056) Wheatena (1298)

Shirred Eggs, Demi-Deuil

Panfish Meuniere Broiled Calves' Kidneys

French Fried Potatoes (8)

Cornmeal Pancakes (659)

2382. Shirred Eggs, Demi-Deuil

Lightly butter six shirred-egg dishes, then crack two fresh eggs into each dish. Pour a tablespoon fresh cream over the eggs in each dish. Evenly season them with half teaspoon salt and three saltspoons white pepper. Sprinkle a small, finely chopped truffle over them, then set in the oven for five minutes. Remove and serve.

2383. Panfish, Meuniere

Neatly wipe six medium, even-sized, fresh panfish. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, lightly baste them with milk, then gently roll in flour. Heat two tablespoons melted butter in a frying pan. Arrange fish in the pan, one beside another, and nicely fry them five minutes on each side. Lift them with a skimmer, dress on a hot dish, sprinkle half teaspoon freshly chopped parsley over and also the juice of half a sound lemon. Add half ounce butter to the pan, shuffle the pan on the fire until the butter has attained a nice brown, pour it over the fish and serve.

2384. Broiled Calves' Kidneys

Neatly trim off the fat and skin from three very fresh calves' kidneys and split them in two. Mix on a plate a tablespoon of oil with teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Repeatedly turn the kidneys in the seasoning, arrange them on a double broiler and broil for four minutes on each side. Dress them on a hot dish. Spread a maitre d'hotel butter (No. 7) over them and serve.


Okra Broth (2115)

Coquilles of Salmon, Siberienne

Squab Turkey with Bacon (1701)

Roast Green Corn

Rice, Imperatrice (1234)

2385. Coquilles Of Salmon, Siberienne

Place a two-pound piece of salmon in a narrow saucepan with a sliced carrot, a sliced onion, a sprig of thyme, a bay leaf, a clove and two branches parsley. Moisten with half gill white wine, two tablespoons vinegar and sufficient cold water to cover the fish. Season with teaspoon salt, then let slowly come to a boil and let simmer ten minutes. Remove the pan to a cool place and let cool off in its broth.

Lift up the salmon, carefully remove the skin and bones, then divide the meat into small pieces and place them in a bowl. Season with four tablespoons salad dressing (No. 863). Carefully mix without breaking the pieces. Arrange six large, thoroughly cleaned lettuce leaves in six table shells. Then evenly divide the fish over the lettuce. Prepare and divide a mayonnaise (No. 70) on top of the fish, neatly spreading it over. Have six small (heart) lettuce leaves, arrange half teaspoon caviare over each piece of lettuce, then carefully lay one over each prepared coquille. Sprinkle a very freshly chopped hard-boiled egg over all, then serve.

2386. Roast Green Corn

Cut off the stalks, remove the leaves and silk from six ears of fresh, sound green corn, place them in a saucepan with two quarts water, one gill of milk and teaspoon salt, and boil twenty minutes only. Lift up with a skimmer, drain on a cloth, then place them on a tin, lightly baste with a little melted butter, then set them in a brisk oven until a nice, golden colour being careful to turn them once in a while. Remove, dress on a hot dish, envelope in a napkin and serve.