Oysters (18)

Radishes (58) Olives

Cream of Chicory

Spanish Mackerel, Colbert Potatoes, Vauban (946)

Chicken, Scheveningen

String Beans, Polonaise (1143)

Roast Ribs of Beef (126) Escarole Salad (100)

Neapolitan Ice Cream (381)

Langues de Chats (890)

2387. Cream Of Chicory

Remove the stale leaves, if any, then detach the leaves from the roots of three heads of sound, fresh chicory; wash in cold water, drain on a sieve and scald them in boiling water five minutes; drain on a sieve, place in a large saucepan with an ounce of butter and cook on the range ten minutes, occasionally stirring meanwhile. Moisten with two quarts of broth (No. 701), add an onion with two cloves stuck in it. Tie together one branch chervil, two branches parsley, one bay leaf, and add to the soup. Season with teaspoon salt and one tablespoon sugar, then boil one hour. Add half pint hot milk, two saltspoons cayenne pepper and one saltspoon grated nutmeg. Place in a bowl two ounces rice flour, two gills cream and the juice of quarter of a lemon. Sharply mix until well thickened and add to the soup. Mix with a wooden spoon while boiling five minutes, add half ounce butter, mix well. Press the cream through a sieve into a basin, then through a cheesecloth into a soup tureen, then serve with a plate of bread croutons (No. 23) separately.

2388. Spanish Mackerel, Colbert

Trim off the fins and cut off the head from a three-pound fresh Spanish mackerel. Split in two through the back, remove the spinal bone. Mix on a plate a teaspoon of oil, teaspoon salt and half teaspoon paprika, then repeatedly turn the fish in the seasoning. Arrange them on a broiler and broil six minutes on each side. Remove, dress on a hot dish. Pour a Colbert sauce (No. 121) over and serve.

2389. Chicken, Scheveningen

Singe, cut off the head and feet, draw and wipe a two-and-a-half pound tender chicken. Season the interior with half teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Place it in an earthen pot. Have three medium carrots and three turnips cut in small dice pieces, twelve small white onions, four small shallots, one bean garlic, having the shallots and garlic finely hashed together, one bay leaf, sprig of thyme, one clove and one ounce raw lean bacon cut in small dices; then add all these ingredients to the chicken. Moisten with two gills broth (No. 701), two gills cider and one gill tomato sauce (No. 16). Season with a light teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, two saltspoons grated nutmeg, and add half teaspoon finely chopped parsley and one ounce butter. Place the lid on the pan. Prepare a little dough with a little flour and water, and carefully arrange it around the lid to prevent evaporation from escaping. Place the pot in the oven two hours. Remove, detach the crust, place the pot on a round dish and send to the table without uncovering.