Canapes of Ham (301) Oysters (18) Radishes (58)

Potage, Vert-Pre

Codfish, Shrimp Sauce Potatoes, Macaire (859)

Lamb Steaks. Puree of Chestnuts (1018)

Baked Spanish Onions

Roast Capon (378) Lettuce Salad (148)

Coupe St. Andre (1032)

2988. Potage, Vert-Pre

Boil a pint dried, split green peas in a quart water for five minutes, then drain on a sieve. Place in saucepan with a pint well washed and drained fresh sorrel, a sliced each carrot and onion, two branches celery, two leeks, two branches parsley, two sliced, peeled, raw potatoes, a pound raw ham bones, three quarts and a half water, two teaspoons salt, a teaspoon sugar and half teaspoon pepper. Mix well, and let slowly boil for an hour and forty-five minutes, being careful to mix once in a while. Remove, press soup through a sieve into a basin, then through Chinese strainer into a saucepan, add three tablespoons cooked green peas, leaves of two branches chervil, and by little bits half an ounce butter. Mix well and boil for five minutes, pour soup into a tureen and serve.

2989. Codfish, Shrimp Sauce

Place a five-pound piece fresh codfish in a saucepan with four tablespoons vinegar, just enough water to cover, a sliced each carrot and onion, two branches parsley, a sprig thyme, two bay leaves, two cloves, a tablespoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Cover pan and let cume to a boil as rapidly as possible, then shift to a corner of range, let slowly simmer for forty-five minutes, remove pan to a table and let stand for ten minutes. Carefully lift up fish with two skimmers, dress on a hot dish with folded napkin, decorate with a little parsley greens and serve with shrimp sauce (No. 897) separately.

N. B. The above fish is about double the quantity of the usual dinner fish. The object of this is to show how to utilize left-over fish. It will be used to-morrow for luncheon.

2990. Baked Spanish Onions

Peel three medium, sound Spanish onions, clip off a small piece at both ends, cut in two crosswise, and arrange in a baking dish cut side up. Mix in a bowl an ounce butter, a half bean finely chopped garlic, teaspoon chopped parsley, a saltspoon each salt and pepper and the juice of half a sound lemon. Spread this butter evenly over the six half onions, cover with a buttered paper and set in oven for thirty-five minutes, being careful to baste quite frequently. Bring dish to oven door and lift up paper, sprinkle over two tablespoons fresh bread crumbs, baste well, reset in oven for ten minutes more, remove and serve in same dish.