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Force (979)

Poached Eggs, Barcelone Fried Porgies (498)

Salisbury Steaks (347) Baked Sweet Potatoes (14)

Cocoanut Cakes (423)

2583. Poached Eggs, Barcelone

Prepare a Creole sauce (No. 507) and keep hot until required. Cut six Spanish sweet peppers in halves and fry in a frying pan with one tablespoon melted butter for two minutes on each side, lift up and keep on a plate. Prepare twelve poached eggs on toast (No. 106), arrange a piece of the pepper on top of each egg, pour sauce over and serve.


Parsley Broth (1667)

Soft Shell Crabs, Olympia (2259)

Navarin Parmentier (114)

Genoise Pralinee

2584. Genoise Pralinee

Place in a copper basin four eggs, two ounces sugar and a half teaspoon vanilla essence, place basin on range and beat up with whisk for fifteen minutes. Remove to a table, add two ounces sifted flour, mix well with skimmer, add one and a half ounces melted butter, then mix well again. Line the bottom of a small pastry pan with a piece of buttered paper, drop in preparation, smooth surface and set in oven for fifteen minutes. Remove to oven door, egg surface and sprinkle over two ounces finely chopped and shelled almonds, a tablespoon powdered sugar, and reset in oven for five minutes. Remove, let rest for five minutes, turn upon table, lift up paper, cut it in twelve even pieces, dress on a dish with a folded napkin and serve.