Canapds of Caviare (59) Olives

Mutton Broth

Sea Bass, Matelote Potatoes, Windsor (252)

Fresh Beef Tongue, Creole

Eggplant, en Julienne

Roast Duck, Apple Sauce (187) Salad, Chiccry (38)

Apple Pudding

504. Mutton Broth

After procuring one and a half pounds neck of mutton, remove all the bones and cut the meat into small dice-like pieces. Cut a small red carrot, one small turnip, one small white onion, two leeks and two branches celery in same size pieces as the meat.

Heat one and a half tablespoons melted butter in a large saucepan, add all the ingredients and gently brown for ten minutes, occasionally stirring meanwhile. Moisten with two and a half quarts hot broth or water. Season with one tablespoon salt, one teaspoon white pepper and two tablespoons Worcestershire sauce, adding the bones of the neck. Cover the pan and slowly boil for forty minutes; remove the bones and skim all the fat from the surface of the broth. Pour into a hot soup tureen and serve.

505. Sea Bass, Matelote

Scale, trim, wash and wipe dry two one-and-a-half-pound sea bass. Slice very finely two medium white onions, place in a large frying pan with half ounce butter and cook on a brisk fire for five minutes, frequently stirring meanwhile. Then lay the two fish over the onions, season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, adding six small heads well-cleaned fresh mushrooms, twelve large freshly opened oysters and six whole fresh shrimp. Moisten with half gill claret, half gill tomato sauce (No. 16) and one gill demi-glace (No. 122). Cover the fish with a lightly buttered paper and boil on the range for five minutes Then set the pan in the oven to bake for twenty minutes. Remove the paper, lift up the fish, cook the contents of the pan for five minutes more on the range, then add, in small bits, half ounce good butter; stir well until the butter is melted, pour the gravy over the fish and serve.

506. Fresh Beef Tongue, Creole

Prepare a fresh beef tongue, as per tongue gendarme (No. 229), and serve it with a Creole sauce instead of the gendarme garnishing.

507. Creole Sauce

Slice very finely one medium white onion, six sound, peeled shallots and two green peppers. Heat thoroughly one tablespoon oil or butter in a saucepan, add the onion, shallots and peppers and lightly brown for eight minutes, stirring well meanwhile; then add half a bean finely chopped garlic and one tablespoon flour; briskly stir; add six peeled and finely chopped red seeded tomatoes. Season with a teaspoon salt and a teaspoon sugar, adding six sliced canned mushrooms, half teaspoon chopped parsley and half teaspoon finely chopped chives; briskly stir and let cook for twenty minutes, mixing once in a while; use when required.

508. Eggplant, En Julienne

Peel and cut into julienne strips a small, sound eggplant. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper; lightly roll in flour, then place in a frying basket and fry in boiling fat for three minutes. Remove, drain well and serve.

509. Apple Pudding

Two peeled and chopped sound apples, two ounces granulated sugar, two eggs, half gill cold milk, two ounces flour, half ounce butter and one teaspoon vanilla essence.

Place the sugar, the yolks of the two eggs, milk, flour and vanilla essence in a bowl; sharply mix with a wooden spoon for five minutes, add the apples and gently mix. Beat up whites of the two eggs to a stiff froth and add to the mixture; lightly stir for half a minute. Lightly butter six individual pudding moulds; evenly divide the preparation into the six moulds, place in a pastry tin, pour in boiling water up to half the height of the moulds and bake in a moderate oven for thirty-five minutes. Remove,unmould and serve with a Sabayon sauce prepared as per No. 102.