101. Pudding Espagnole

Lightly butter the interior of a quart pudding mould. Heat two ounces clarified, butter in a saucepan, pour in one gill bread crumbs and let get a nice golden colour; then add half pint hot milk. Thoroughly mix with a wooden spoon till thoroughly thickened, remove the pan from the fire and mix well again for five minutes. Add two ounces powdered sugar, one teaspoon vanilla essence, two whole raw eggs and three yolks. Mix well. Now add the whites of the three eggs, beaten to a stiff froth. Gently mix again and then fill the mould with the preparation. Place the mould in a saucepan, pour hot water up to one-half the height of the mould, and bake in the hot oven for thirty minutes. Remove, unmould on a hot dish and serve with a Sabayon sauce (No. 102).

102. Sabayon Sauce

Place in a bowl two egg yolks and one ounce granulated sugar. Mix well with a wooden spoon for two minutes. Boil in a saucepan one gill milk and one gill cream, adding seven drops vanilla essence; as soon as it comes to a boil pour it very gradually over the eggs and sugar, continually stirring meanwhile. Transfer into a saucepan, set the pan on the fire, heat for three minutes, without ceasing mixing, but do not allow to boil. Remove the pan from the fire. Strain through a cheesecloth into a saucebowl and serve.

103. Glace Constantine

Have a well-cleaned melon mould of one quart, three ounces chocolate, three ounces granulated sugar, one pint hot water, half pint cream whipped, eight egg yolks and a gill white syrup. Place the chocolate, sugar and water in a saucepan on the fire and boil for five minutes, continually mixing meanwhile; set the pan on the corner of the range. Beat up the egg yolks in a bowl with the cold syrup. Pour, little by little, the chocolate preparation into the eggs, constantly mixing with the wooden spoon while doing so. Transfer the preparation into the same saucepan, set the pan on the fire, gently mix until it bubbles, but do not allow to boil. Remove the pan from the fire and add the whipped cream, mix a little; then strain it into the freezer and freeze the same as vanilla ice cream (No. 42). Fill the mould with the ice cream and close it tightly. Bury the mould in a tub with ice and rock salt and let freeze for an hour. Remove, unmould on a cold dish with a folded napkin and send to the table.