Huckleberries (1918) Quaker Oats (105)

Scrambled Eggs with Onions

Yarmouth Bloaters (311)

Broiled Sirloin Steaks (6) Potatoes, Allumettes (196)

Cinnamon Cakes (1195)

2130. Scrambled Eggs With Onions

Carefully crack eight fresh eggs into a bowl, add a half gill milk, half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper, sharply beat with fork one minute. Heat a tablespoon melted butter in a sauteuse, add one medium, finely chopped onion, gently brown five minutes, then drop in the eggs and cook six minutes, frequently stirring meanwhile. Dress on a vegetable dish and serve.


Chicken Broth (578)

Lobster, Creole

Haricot of Lamb (597)

Cauliflower Salad

Blanc Manger (1052)

2131. Lobster, Creole

Boil two live lobsters of two pounds each in a gallon boiling water with a tablespoon salt twenty minutes. Drain and let cool off. Crack shells from the claws and tails, carefully pick out meat and cut it in half-inch pieces. Place in a small saucepan one finely sliced seeded green pepper, one sliced white onion and one tablespoon oil, then nicely brown three minutes. Add the lobster, season with half teaspoon salt and saltspoon pepper, mix and brown five minutes. Then add three peeled and finely crushed red tomatoes; lightly mix and cook five minutes. Add six finely sliced canned mushrooms and one tablespoon sherry, mix lightly and slowly cook ten minutes, lightly mixing meanwhile. Pour the lobster into a vegetable dish, sprinkle a little freshly chopped parsley over and serve.

2132. Cauliflower Salad

Cut off stalk, trim outer leaves of a large, sound white head of cauliflower; detach bouquets from stalk, plunge in two quarts boiling water with a gill milk and a teaspoon salt and boil twenty-five minutes. Drain on a sieve and let thoroughly cool off. Place bouquets in a bowl, season with four light tablespoons dressing (No. 863), carefully mix without breaking the pieces and serve.