Oysters (18) Radishes (58) Salted Almonds (954)

Puree of Parsnips Red Snapper en Fricandeau

Quails en Cocotte

Cauliflower, Mousseline (210)

Roast Ribs of Beef (126) Romaine Salad (214)

Chocolate Ice Cream (523)

2835. Puree Of Parsnips

Peel and finely slice six fresh, sound medium parsnips and plunge in a pint boiling water for ten minutes. Drain on a sieve, then place in saucepan with a finely sliced onion, two sliced leeks, an ounce butter, and let gently cook for fifteen.minutes, stirring quite frequently. Add two ounces flour, stir well, then pour in two and a half quarts white broth (No. 701) and add two sliced, peeled, raw potatoes. Tie in a bunch two branches parsley, a branch chervil, sprig thyme, bay leaf, clove, and add to soup. Season with a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, and thoroughly mix for one minute. Cover pan, let gently boil for an hour and a half, press soup through sieve into a basin, then through Chinese Strainer into a saucepan. Add a pint milk, mix well, boil for five minutes, pour puree into a soup tureen, add bread croutons (No. 23) and serve.

2836. Red Snapper En Fricandeau

Procure a three-pound piece fresh red snapper, remove bone and skin it well. Cut from a piece of salt pork fifteen thin one-inch strips, then with aid of a small larding needle lard surface of fish with strips. Place a mirepoix (No. 271) in braising pan, lay fish over, season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Pour in a half gill white wine and one and a half gills broth (No. 701), cover fish with a buttered paper, place lid on pan and set in oven for forty-five minutes. Remove, carefully lift up fish with two skimmers and place on a hot dish over a bed of sorrel (No. 654). Pour a half gill demi-glace (No. 122) in the fish gravy, let reduce on open fire to one gill, then strain it over fish and serve.

2837. Quails En Cocotte

Pick very carefully six fat, fresh quails, then singe, cut off necks, wings and feet, draw, neatly wipe, stuff insides with American stuffing (No. 1818) and tie all around. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, arrange a thin slice larding pork on breast of each bird and place in a lightly buttered cocotte dish. Add a finely chopped onion, teaspoon crushed allspice, baste them with a little melted butter, then set in oven for twenty minutes, occasionally basting meanwhile. Remove, lift up from dish, take out contents of cocotte dish, then return quails to the cocotte, add a potato noisette (No. 321) and half pint well-drained canned green peas.

Finely chop one-third bean garlic and two branches parsley and sprinkle over cocotte. Pour in a quarter gill white wine, half gill each broth (No. 701) and demi-glace (No. 122), cover dish, set in oven for twenty-five minutes, remove and serve.