Orange Marmalade

Slice two dozen unpeeled oranges, and remove the seeds. Mix with them two lemons. These, as well as the oranges, must be shredded very thin. Measure the juice and add enough water to make three quarts of liquid. Put all into a stone crock, cover, and set in a cool place all night. Turn into a preserving kettle and bring slowly to the boil. Simmer until the peel is very tender. Now stir in a pound of sugar for every pint of juice, and boil until the skin is clear in appearance. Remove from the fire, and when cool turn into jelly glasses.

Grape Marmalade

Stem the grapes and measure them, allowing a cupful of sugar for each half-pint of fruit. Pulp the grapes, keeping the skins for further use. Extract the seeds by boiling the pulp until tender, then rubbing it through a fine colander. Put the pulp, juice and skins over the fire in a preserving kettle and add the sugar. Boil until very thick, pour into jars and seal.

Peach Marmalade

Peel, stone and weigh the peaches, and allow three-quarters of a. pound of sugar for every pound of fruit. Put the fruit into a preserving kettle and bring gradually to a boil. Stew until tender and broken; drain off superfluous liquid, add the sugar and boil for ten minutes longer. Just before taking from the fire stir in one tablespoonful of lemon juice for every pound of peaches used. Remove at once from the fire, can and seal.


Select your fruits - strawberries, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, pineapple - and shred them with a fork; also, bits of orange or mandarino from which the white skin has been removed;put into wide-mouthed, self-sealing jars. To each jar allow four tablespoonfuls of white sugar and sprinkle with this each layer of fruit. When the jar is filled, pour in slowly white preserving brandy, letting it filter in slowly until every crevice is filled and there is room for not a drop more. Screw down the tops and set the jars in a dark cool place. The fruit should season some weeks before it is used.

Red Raspberry Jam

Allow three-quarters of a pound of sugar to a pound of fruit. Put the berries on alone and boil for half an hour, stirring hard and often. Dip out the superfluous juice, add the sugar and cook twenty minutes more. Put up in jars or glasses.

Lemon Marmalade

Weigh the lemons, and to every pound of them allow a pound and one-quarter of sugar. Grate the rind from half of the lemons, and peel the others. Chop the fruit, removing the seeds as you do so. Press all the juice that you can upon the sugar, add a little water to this, and put it over the fire. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, then boil for five minutes, skimming off the scum.

Stir in the chopped lemons and the grated rind, and boil for half an hour. Put up in jelly glasses.

Preserved Peaches

Peel, stone and weigh firm white peaches, allowing to each pound of fruit a pound of white sugar. Arrange fruit and sugar in alternate layers in a broad preserving kettle, and set the kettle at the side of the stove where the contents will heat slowly. Stew for about half an hour after the preserves come to a boil, or until the peaches are tender when pierced by a fork. With a perforated skimmer take the peaches from the syrup, and spread them on a platter while you boil the syrup until clear and thick, skimming often. Pack the fruit in jars, fill these to overflowing with the boiling liquid, and seal immediately. Stand the jars in a pan of hot water while filling them.