Apple Toddy, No. 1

Bake twelve sound, red-streaked apples, put them in a stone jar while hot, and mash them well. Then pour on them three quarts of boiling water. Cover the jar close, and let them stand until cool, then add three pints Cognac brandy, one pint Jamaica rum, half a pint peach brandy, sweeten to taste, and let it stand twenty-four hours, stirring frequently and mashing well the particles of apple. Then strain for use. A few oranges improve the flavor.


Beat the yolks of six eggs and half a pound of sugar together until it froths. Add half a pint of brandy or whiskey, next the whites of the eggs beaten stiff, and then three pints of whipped cream.


These can be made of sherry, claret, or Catawba wine. Put four or five tablespoonsful of the wine into a glass with half a tablespoon of sugar; one or two thin slices of orange or lemon may be added. Fill the glass with finely-chopped or crushed ice. Now pour this from one glass to another once or twice to mix well. Then put two or three strawberries in for a garnish. Each glass should be furnished with two straws.

Egg And Milk Punch

Stir well a heaping teaspoonful of sugar and the yolk of an egg together in a goblet, then add a tablespoonful of best brandy. Fill the glass with cream or milk until it is three-quarters full, then stir well into the mixture the white of an egg beaten to a stiff froth.

Milk Punch

Sweeten a glass of half milk and cream to taste, and add one or two tablespoons best brandy and grated nutmeg.

Fruit Cordial

Half pint black cherries, quarter pound ginger sliced, half ounce cinnamon, the same of cloves. Put these into a jug with proof spirit. Cork it, and let it stand till autumn. As blackberries, raspberries, or currants ripen add them, always adding sufficient spirit to cover the fruit. In autumn pour off the spirit and cover the fruit with pure water, and let it remain a week or more. Then strain off and mix with the spirit. Sweeten to taste. You may add apple parings or pineapples, but the black cherry is the most important fruit.

Blackberry Cordial

To two quarts of juice add one pound white sugar, half ounce pulverized cinnamon, same of pulverized cloves. Boil all together for a short time. When cold add one pint brandy.


One ounce gentian, one ounce cardamon seed, one ounce chamomile flowers, some dried orange peel. Bruise all together, and pour on this quantity three pints of good whiskey or brandy. If preferred strain it off after it has stood some time. This is an excellent recipe, and a tablespoonful in a little sugar and water is beneficial occasionally.

Regent Punch

Take a large cup of the best strong black tea, in which put the rind of two lemons cut very thin; add to this one pint of sugar, three wineglasses of brandy, three of rum, the juice of three lemons and of two oranges, and one quart bottle of champagne. Put in a large lump of ice. For a large quantity measure everything by pints.

Claret Punch

Pour one quart bottle claret into a bowl or pitcher, add one pint water, sweeten to taste; throw in some slices of lemon. If preferred use no water, only ice.

Apple Toddy

One gallon apple brandy, one pint peach brandy, one pint French brandy, one pint Madeira wine, and one dozen apples baked without peeling. Sweeten to taste. About two pounds sugar to this quantity, and just enough hot water to dissolve the sugar.

Lemon Brandy

One pint brandy, the rind of two lemons, two ounces loaf sugar, quarter pint water. Peel the lemons, but be careful not to get any of the white pith. Put the rind into a bottle with the brandy, and let them infuse for twenty-four hours, then strain them. Boil the sugar and water for a few moments. Skim it, and when cold add it to the brandy. A dessert-spoonful of this is an excellent flavoring for custards. Oranges may be used in the same manner.

Claret Punch, No. 1

One gallon claret; three oranges, sliced, taking out the seeds; three lemons, sliced; two pounds sugar; no water; a lump of ice just before using it.

Seligson's Half And Half

This is an English drink and means half porter, and half ale; we very often use half old and half new, as one may prefer.

Seligson's Champagne Cocktail

A champagne goblet, one-third crushed ice, one lump of sugar, a dash of Angostura bitters, slice of orange; fill up with champagne, and stir. Use none but Baker's or the genuine Angostura bitters, as it possesses a certain rich flavor, that no other bitters has.

Seligson's Frapped Cafe Royal

It consists of three-fourths of a cup of black coffee, one-fourth brandy, frapped in a cooler; sugar to taste. Drink while the mixture is yet in a semi-frozen state. It is very potent.