One-half ounce prepared chalk, 2 ounces alcohol, 2 ounces aqua ammonia. Apply with cotton flannel, and rub with chamois-skin. Wash silver in very hot, clear water, and wipe dry with a soft towel, and you will have no need for silver soap, or any other preparation.

Cleaning Brass Or Copper

C. D. Hicks, Racine, Wis.

One pint alcohol, 1 ounce oxalic acid, 2 papers Mt. Eagle Tripoli, 1 star candle. Shave the candle into the other mixture, and let stand until dissolved. Then it is ready for use. Shake before using. Apply the mixture, and when dry rub off with a woolen cloth. The same mixture without the candle excellent for cleaning glass.

Furniture Polish

Raw linseed oil, 4 ounces; balsam of fir, 2 drachms; acetic ether, 2 drachms. Dissolve the balsam in 4 ounces alcohol; then mix all together. To use, shake well and apply with a soft cloth. But very little is needed on the cloth.

Polish For Old Or Marred Furniture

One ounce kerosene, 1 ounce shellac, 1/2 ounce linseed oil, 1/2 ounce turpentine. Keep corked, shake, and apply with a soft sponge.