Make a bucket of smooth flour paste. Stir in 1 pound yellow ochre. Apply to the floor with a white-wash brush. Let it dry. Then give it a coat of boiled linseed oil.

Paint For Kitchen Floor

Three pints oil, 1 pint dryer, 3 pounds white lead, 5 pounds yellow ochre; add a little turpentine.

Shellac For Floor

Allow 5 ounces shellac to a quart of alcohol. Use as soon as dissolved. After a floor is painted or stained (and dried), apply the shellac with a brush; let dry and apply again. Two or three applications, which are very easily made, will brighten up a room wonderfully, and it will require nothing but wiping with a damp cloth to keep it bright for many months. Any woman can do both the painting and applying the coats of shellac.