The following are very difficult to digest, and should be avoided by persons having weak digestive organs; and by those who are strong, they should be used sparingly. The most of the following take from 4 to 5 1/2 hours to digest:

Beefsteak pie. Cheese. Currants. Dumplings. Eels.

Fried dishes. Hard-boiled eggs. Hashes and stews. Husks of fruit. Melted butter. New Bread. New Potatoes.

Nuts. Pork.

Puff paste. Radishes. Raw spirits. Red herrings. Rinds of fruit. Salt beef. Sausage. Shell-fish. Unripe fruits. Veal.

Season For Eating Different Foods

In the Northern and Middle States.

Apples, all the year round. Cheapest in the fall.

Artichokes, in September.

Asparagus, May and June.

Beans, string, June to October; Lima, July till winter.

Beef at all seasons.

Beets, June and throughout the year.

Buckwheat cakes, late fall and winter.

Butternuts, from October throughout the year.

Cabbage, May and throughout the year.

Carrots, all summer and fall.

Cauliflower, June till following spring.

Celery, August till April.

Cheese, any time.

Cherries, during the summer months.

Chestnuts, after a severe frost.

Clams, May to September.

Corn, green, June to September.

Crabs, better in cold weather.

Cranberries, September to April.

Cucumbers, June to November.

Currants, June to August (ripe in July).

Damsons, July to November.

Ducks, June and July; wild ducks, in spring and fall.

Eels, April to November.

Eggs, best in spring, but always in season.

Elderberries, August and September.

Fish, at all times; some kinds always in season.

Geese, October to December. Gooseberries, June to September. Grapes, September till cold weather. Herbs, gather just as they begin to bloom. Horse-radish, at all times. Lemons, cheapest in winter. Lobsters, spring, summer, and autumn. Mushrooms, August and September. Mutton, at any time; Lamb, June to August. Onions, at all seasons. Oranges, cheapest in winter months. Oysters, September to May. Partridges, September to January. Peas, green, June and July. Peaches, August to November. Pears, August to October. Pie-plant, April to September. Pigeons, September and October. Pork, in cold weather.

Potatoes, the year round; sweet, August to December. Prairie fowls, August to October. Prunes, fresh, December to May. Pumpkins, September to January. Quinces, October to December. Rabbits, September till February. Radishes, April to November. Rail-birds, September and October. Raspberries, June to September. Salmon, March to September. Shad, latter part of February to June. Smelts, October to April. Snipe, last of March and April and October. Spinach, early spring till late fall. Squash, summer, June to August. Squash, winter, August till spring. Strawberries, June and July. Tomatoes, June till fall.

Trout, brook, March to August; lake, October to March. Turkeys, any time. Best in cold weather. Veal, any time except in very hot weather. Venison, buck, August to November; doe, in winter. Watermelons, July to October. Woodcock, July to November.