Codfish Balls

Take a pint of finely-shredded salt codfish, a quart of raw peeled potatoes cut in two. Put to cook in cold water. When the potatoes are tender, drain very thoroughly, mash fine, beat well, add 2 tablespoons butter (or less will answer), 2 well beaten eggs, and a bit of pepper. Beat again, with a wooden spoon. Drop by the spoonful into boiling fat, and fry brown. They are better than if made into cakes.

Salt Mackerel

They may be cooked in several different ways. The one most in vogue is boiling. To freshen, put in a crock of water, skin side up, early in the evening. Before bedtime change the water, and in the morning rinse in clear water. Boil about 5 minutes in a frying-pan. Take up carefully on a platter. Have ready in a basin a cup of cream or rich milk with a spoon of butter, heated, and pour over.


Tin rusts badly, and it is better to soak mackerel in a stone crock.

Salt Mackerel

After freshening, put half a cup of vinegar in the spider with half as much water. Boil the mackerel in it. Serve with slices of lemon.

Salt Mackerel

Mrs. L. S. Hodge, Chicago.

After freshening, hang up for a day or two, or until perfectly dry. Then put in a dry tin and set in the oven for ten minutes. It will be found cooked through. Serve with drawn butter.


Eels should be killed instantly by piercing the spinal marrow close to the back part of the skull with a sharp-pointed instrument. Skin them. Take off head and tail, cut up into frying pieces, throw into boiling water for 5 minutes, then drain, roll in flour or corn meal peppered and salted, and fry in very hot lard.

Fried Fish

Clean the fish well. Cut up into pieces about 2 by 4 inches. Lay around in a colander skin down, and sprinkle with salt. Let stand an hour, or half a day if need be. Have the fat hot in a frying pan. Roll in flour or corn meal, fry slowly and cook a long time, till thoroughly done through. It is nice dipped in beaten egg and rolled cracker after the flour, but is not essential.

How To Fry Smelts

Miss Juliet Corson.

Dry on a towel. Dip in milk, then in cracker dust, then in beaten egg, then in cracker dust again, and the dust will all stay on. Fry in hot fat.

Fried Perch

After scaling and cleaning perfectly, dry them well. Dip in flour that is salted and peppered, and fry in hot lard, Garnish with curled parsley. To fry brook trout, dip in corn meal and fry in butter, and serve with melted butter.

Shad Roe With Oysters

Miss Juliet Corson.

Fish spawn, especially the shad, is a delicacy greatly prized by epicures. Wash and wipe, fry in hot fat in a frying-pan, on both sides. Season. It takes 15 or 20 minutes to cook. Dish up on a platter and place around it a row or double row of plain fried oysters. Put a bunch of parsley in the center, and half a lemon with the peel cut in saw teeth, and the effect is very pretty.

Shad Roe With Oysters 11