Panned Oysters

Toast slices of bread. Remove the crusts. Cut into even shapes, spread with butter, lay in a pan, and put one or more nice plump oysters on each piece. Put bits of butter and a very little pepper on each one, cover with a tin dish and put into a hot oven. As soon as the edges of the oysters curl they are done. Sprinkle lightly with salt. Then cook 6 or 8 minutes. They are best cooked in pattypans as they can be served in them. In that case the pattypans should be placed in a dripping-pan in the oven.

Oyster Patties

Line the bottom and sides of patty-pans with rich paste. Put a cover of paste over and pinch the edges together. Bake in a quick oven about 15 minutes, or until done. Take as many oysters as you have patties. Stew them in their own liquor, then cut them in pieces, add a teaspoon of flour, a tablespoon of butter (to a dozen) and a grating from a lemon peel, if you have it. Season lightly with salt, a pinch of pounded mace, and cayenne, and 2 or 3 tablespoons of cream. Mix well, open the patties and put in a tablespoon of the oyster mixture. Serve hot.

Oysters And Macaroni

1/2 pound macaroni. 3 can, or a pint of oysters. 1/2 cup butter, 1 1/2 cups sweet milk.

2 eggs, or it is very good without any 1 cup cracker dust - very fine. Salt and pepper to taste. Break the macaroni into inch pieces. Put it into boiling water and boil 20 minutes. Skim it out, and put a thick layer of it in the bottom of a buttered pudding-dish. Put the oysters and liquor on this, with bits of butter, pepper and salt, add the remainder of the macaroni; beat the eggs well, mix with the milk, pour over, and spread the cracker crumbs over the top. Bake 30 minutes - or less, if the oven is very hot. See that it is brown on top.

Steamed Oysters

Take select oysters, put in a round vegetable dish, season with salt, pepper, and butter, set in a steamer over boiling water, and steam till they begin to curl. Very fine.

Steamed Oysters In The Shell

Wash well and lay in a steamer. When they are cooked enough, the shell will open. They may be turned into hot dishes or served in the shells. To be seasoned by the consumer.

Spiced Oysters

100 oysters with their liquor. 1 cup vinegar. 18 whole cloves.

1/2 nutmeg grated. 4 blades mace. 1 teaspoon whole allspice. 1/2 teaspoon salt. A pinch of cayenne. Put all of the ingredients into a saucepan, stir well, cover, and put over a slow fire. Stir from the bottom until they are well scalded. Remove, put into jars, cover, and serve cold.

Pickled Oysters

Drain the liquor from 50 oysters and add to it 1/2 teaspoon whole pepper, same of allspice, 2 blades of mace, and a pinch of salt. When the liquor boils drop in the oysters and boil them one minute. Then take them out quickly and cool them. Add half as much vinegar as liquor, boil a few minutes and pour over the oysters.