1. Head, for soup in England; not used much here.

2. Neck, for stewing.

3. Shoulder, for roast, or for boning and stuffing.

4. Rack, for chops or roast.

5. Breast, for stew.

6. Shank, for soup or stew.

7. Feet, for jelly.

8. Loin, for roast.

9. Flank, for stew.

11. Hock, lor stew or soup. 10. Leg, for roast, chops, or boiling.

A saddle of mutton is two legs and two loins undivided. A chine is the two loins, with the backbone, undivided.


We do not give a diagram for cutting up a lamb, because the work is a very simple matter. The lamb is simply divided into two forequarters and two hindquarters.