Split the hog through the spine, take off each half of the head behind the ear, then take off 3 or 4 pounds next to the head in front of the shoulder for sausage. Then take out the leaf which lies around the kidneys, for lard. Then cut out the lean meat, except what belongs to the shoulders and hams. Then cut off the shoulders and hams. Cut out all the fat to use for lard, which is a loose piece in front of the ham. A narrow strip from the belly is used for sausage-meat. Cut the rest up into pieces convenient for salting. Smoke the jowl with the hams. Use the upper part of the head for boiling, baking, or head cheese. Hold the feet over a blaze to loosen the hoofs. Scrape very clean, and after a thorough washing they are ready to boil. Clean the fat from the intestines for lard. If it is unfit for lard use it for soap-grease. The smaller intestines, clean for sausage-cases. To salt down pork, let it stand till cold, then cover the bottom of the barrel with an inch layer of salt; over this put a closely-packed layer of meat, and so continue till the meat is all in. Pour over it a strong brine, boiling hot, that has been skimmed carefully. Cover with a board and weight, that must be kept under the brine. If the brine turns red or frothy, re-heat, skim, and pour over hot. If fresh pork is added, pour off all the brine, heat it, and pour over scalding hot.


1. Snout, for boiling.

2. Cheek, for smoked jowls.

3. Hock, for boiling.

4. Top of the neck, for sausage.

5. Lower part of neck, for sausage and lard.

6. Shoulder-top, for steak and sausage.

7. Shoulder, for steaks or smoking. 8 Loin, for chops or roast. 9. Ham, to fry, boil, or bake.

10. Side-meat or bacon.

11. Tail-piece, to boil or corn.

12. Feet, for jelly or pickle.

The harslet is the heart, liver, and lights.

A chine is two loins with the backbone, undivided, and is very delicious, either baked or stewed. Hogs make the best bacon when they weigh about 150 pounds. They should be fed on corn six weeks before killing-time.

How To Clean Cases For Sausages

Empty the intestines without tearing them. Wash, and cut into 2 yard lengths; then take a small, smooth, round stick, fasten one end of the case to the end of the stick, and turn it inside out. Wash very thoroughly, scrape clean, and let soak in salt water till ready to use. They should look-transparent and very thin. For manner of rendering lard, see recipe on page 102.