1. End of loin, for roasts.

2. Loin, for roast or cutlets.

3. Rib, for roast or chops.

4. Neck, for stew or soup.

5. Head, for soup or jelly.

6. Siveet-breads - Located between the neck and stomach, on each side of the windpipe, between the fore-legs, above figure 6; sweetbreads are also located lower down, above figure 8. For manner of cooking, see page 91.

7. Breast, for stew.

8. Shank, for stew or soup.

9. Feet, for jelly.

10. Fillet, for roasting.

11. Knuckle, for stewing.

Further Instructions

The neck is used for pot-pies and broths.

The forequarter is divided into two pieces called the brisket, or breast, and rack.

The fillet (which is the leg and hind flank) is used to stuff and roast, to stuff and boil, or for cutlets.

How To Prepare Rennet

Take the stomach of a newly-killed calf and hang it up without washing for 5 days, as washing weakens the gastric juices. Then slip the curds off with the hand. Fill it with salt mixed with a little salt-peter, put it in a crock, pour on I teaspoon vinegar and 2 tablespoons salt. Cover closely, and keep for use. In six weeks take a piece 4 inches square and bottle it with 2 1/2 cups cold water and 2 gills rose brandy, cork tightly, and shake when wanted. A tablespoon is enough for 1 quart milk.