LIGHT, pleasant dishes for summer, and especially recommended as desserts to follow very heavy dinners. They are far more healthful than pastry - that is, if pastry can be regarded in any healthful light at all. The subdivisions of this chapter will be found quite exhaustive.

Almond. Cornstarch. Farina. Gelatine. Isinglass.

Blanc-mange may be made of arrow-root, corn starch, farina, gelatine, Irish moss, isinglass, manioc, sago, and tapioca. These, incorporated with different fruits and fruit juices, give a pleasant variety of dishes of this description.

Blanc-mange should be made in a farina kettle or double boiler - which is one vessel fitting in a larger one. Both may be of tin, or the smaller one of block tin and the outer one of iron. The water is put into the outer one, so that all danger of scorching is obviated. Use a tin pail in a kettle of hot water, if you have no farina or custard kettle. Blanc-mange is served with cream and sugar, fruit juices, or cold sauce, or preserves of any kind.

Almond Blanc-Mange

Mrs. M. W. Miller.

One quart milk, 3 eggs, 5 tablespoons corn starch, a pinch of salt, sugar to sweeten a little. Let the milk come to a boil slowly. Blanch 1/2 pound almonds. Pound in a mortar with loaf sugar, putting into the mortar 2 or 3 almonds and a lump of sugar at a time. As soon as they are beaten as fine as possible, pour the paste into the milk, letting it warm gradually with the milk. Beat the yolks of the eggs with the corn starch, salt, and sugar, and stir into the scalding milk. Flavor with vanilla strongly. Just before taking from the fire, stir in the whites beaten to a stiff froth. Pour into a mold and let get cold. Take fruit syrup as a sauce, pouring over the whole.

Arrowroot Blanc-Mange

Four tablespoons arrowroot, same of sugar, 4 eggs, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Beat all together. Boil a quart of milk and turn on to the mixture gradually, stirring constantly until it thickens. Turn into a mold.

Corn Starch Blanc-Mange

Four tablespoons corn starch, same of sugar, 1 quart milk, pinch of salt. Heat the milk to boiling. Stir in the com starch, made smooth with part of the milk, and the sugar. Cook 5 or 10 minutes. Remove and pour into molds.

Farina Blanc-Mange

Heat 1 quart milk to boiling, add 4 tablespoons farina, a pinch of salt, and 2 tablespoons sugar, and stir while cooking for 15 minutes. Take off and pour into molds wet with cold water.

Fruit Blanc-Mange

Use strawberries or raspberries, 2/3 juice and 1/3 water; boil this, strain and stir into it sufficient corn starch to thicken it.

Put it in one large dish; when cool turn it over on a plate and stick long narrow slices of sweet almonds into it. This has a very pretty effect.

Farina Fruit Blanc-Mange

Use any kind of berries, currants, or cherries; stew in clear water to cover; skim, cook 5 minutes longer, strain; return the juice to the kettle, add sugar according to acidity of the fruit. When it comes to a boil stir in 4 tablespoons dry farina to each quart of juice. Stir constantly for 15 minutes. Then pour into molds.