"The Manchester Exhibition refreshment contract, one of the biggest ever undertaken, which, it will be remembered, was secured by Mr. A. Mackenzie Ross, of the Cafe" Royal, Edinburgh, is now in full working order. The accommodation allowed by the Executive at first proved so Inadequate that five additional places have now been provided, one of the new bars being nearly 100 yards long. Some idea of the magnitude of the contract may be seen by an early visit to the culinary section, where from 6 till 9:30 a. m. a constant procession of carts wait their turn to get unloaded at the various shops In the stores- - the lorries of Messrs. Salt, the Burton brewers, with hundreds of hogsheads of their beer, being conspicuous among the number. Of bottled beer, Messrs. Salt supply on an average from 1,500 to 2,000 weekly. One of the most extraordinary and interesting facts connected with the refreshment department is the demand for tea and coffee. Nightly crowds have to wait their turn at the tea and coffee rooms, which hold close on 7,000, and the quantity gone through during a recent week amounted to nearly 1 1/2 tons of tea, equal to over 20,000 gallons.

Among the other edibles which Mr. Scott, the head of the chefs, puts through his hands, may be mentioned from 4,000 to 5,000 lbs of butcher meat per week; 1,000 head of game and poultry per day; 100 stone white fish besides salmon per week; 300 gallons of milk and cream per day; and 4,000 4-lb. loaves per day; irrespective of biscuit, fancy bread, and fruit. To overtake this work, Mr. Ross has a staff of over 1,100 people engaged under him".