Baked Pumpkin

Cut the pumpkin first in halves, then in quarters; remove the seeds, but not the rind. Place in a baking-pan with the rind downwards, and bake in a slow oven until tender when you pierce with a fork. When done, serve in the rind; help it out by spoonfuls as you would mashed potatoes.

Radishes (Blot)

Cut off the roots close to the radish. Cut off the tops about an inch from the radish. Wash clean in cold water. Take the radish with the left hand, holding it by the top; cut the skin from the top downwards, in several parts, like you cut an orange to remove the skin, without detaching it. Do the same carefully with the body of the radish, and it will look more like a rose than a radish. After having prepared two or three it will be comparatively easy. The centre leaves must be eaten as well as the body of the radish; they contain a substance that helps the digestion of the radish itself.

Boiled Salsify Or Oyster Plant

Wash and scrape one dozen roots of salsify. Throw each one into cold water as soon as you have scraped it, or it will turn black. Then put them into a kettle of boiling water, and boil until tender (about one hour); drain, cover with Cream Sauce, and serve.

Salsify Cakes Or Fritters

These are made precisely the same as Parsnip Fritters.