Wash a half-peck of spinach through several waters to free it from grit. Pick it over very carefully and cut off the roots. Wash again, drain, and take up by handfuls, shake and press out all the remaining water. Put it in a kettle, and add one cup of water; cover the kettle, place over a moderate fire, and allow the spinach to thus steam for twenty minutes. Then drain in a colander; turn into a chopping-tray and chop very fine; it cannot be too fine; put into a saucepan with a tablespoonful of butter, salt and pepper to taste, stir until very hot. Have a heated dish at hand, and arrange on it small squares of buttered toast.

Mould the spinach by packing it tightly in a cup, and turn each cupful out on a slice of toast. Place half of a hard-boiled egg on the top of each mould. Pour Drawn Butter around the toast, and serve.

Or, when done, drain, chop fine, serve in a heated vegetable dish. Cut hard-boiled eggs in slices and lay on top.

A half-peck of spinach will serve five people.