Cranberry Sauce

1 quart of cranberries 1 pint of water

1 pound of sugar

Wash the cranberries in cold water, put them in a porcelain-lined kettle with one pint of water, and boil rapidly ten minutes, or until the berries pop; then press them through a colander, return them to the kettle, add the sugar, and stir over the fire until the sugar is thoroughly melted (this will take about two minutes); turn out to cool. Serve with poultry, game, venison, or mutton.

Cream Sauce

1 tablespoonful of flour 1/2 pint of cream or milk

1 tablespoonful of butter 1/2 teaspoonful of salt

2. dashes of pepper

Melt the butter, being careful not to brown it; add the flour, mix until smooth; then add the cream or milk, stir continually until it boils; add salt and pepper, and use at once. If you are not quite ready to use it, stand it over boiling water to keep warm, stirring frequently to prevent a crust from forming on the top.

This sauce may be used with lobster chops, sweetbreads, chicken chops, and other similar dishes.

Cream Sauce With Mushrooms

Make a Cream Sauce, add one cup of fresh mushrooms chopped fine, or the same quantity of canned mushrooms, and cook over boiling water ten minutes. If canned mushrooms are used, simply heat, do not cook, as it toughens the mushrooms.

This sauce may be used the same as Cream Sauce.

Currant Jelly Sauce

Make Brown Sauce No. 1, and add to it four tablespoon-fuls of currant jelly; let it boil up once, and it is ready to use.

This is served with game.

Curry Sauce

Add one teaspoonful of curry powder and one teaspoonful of onion juice to the recipe for Drawn Butter.

Drawn Butter

2 tablespoonfuls of butter 1 tablespoonful of flour

1/2 pint of boiling water 1/2 teaspoonful of salt

Mix the butter and flour to a smooth paste in a bowl, place the bowl over the fire in a pan of boiling water, add the half-pint of boiling water gradually, stirring all the while until it thickens; add the salt. Take from the fire and use immediately. The great point in preparing drawn butter is to take from the fire as soon as it thickens. For this sauce it is very essential to have good butter. Serve with asparagus, boiled fish, cauliflower, etc.

Egg Sauce

Make a Cream Sauce, and when finished add two hard-boiled eggs, the whites chopped very fine and the yolks pressed through a sieve. Serve with boiled poultry.

Espagnole Sauce

Boil one quart of consomme until reduced to one pint. Then put four ounces of butter in a frying-pan and stir until very brown; then add two tablespoonfuls of flour; mix well; add the reduced consomme, stir continually until it boils; then add one tablespoonful of Worcestershire sauce, one tablespoonful of mushroom catsup, salt and pepper to taste. Take from the fire and add two tablespoon-fuls of sherry.

Fish Sauce

1 tablespoonful of chopped parsley 1 tablespoonful of chopped gherkins

Yolks of three eggs 1/2 teaspoonful of salt

1 dash of cayenne 1/2, pint of olive oil

1 tablespoonful of vinegar

Put the chopped parsley into a bowl and pound it with a potato-masher until reduced to a pulp, then add to it the yolks of the eggs, mix thoroughly, and proceed as for Mayonnaise Dressing. When you have finished it, add the cayenne and gherkin. Serve with boiled or broiled fish.