1 four-pound chicken 4 good-sized potatoes 1 tablespoonful of butter Yolks of two eggs A grating of nutmeg

2 quarts of cold water 1 onion 1 bay leaf Sprig of parsley

Salt and pepper to taste

Clean the chicken, put it in the soup kettle with the water, bay leaf, onion and parsley, and simmer gently two hours. Take out the chicken and remove the white meat, which chop very fine. Put the bones and the remainder of the chicken back into the kettle to simmer, while the potatoes are roasting. When the potatoes are done, take out the centres and mash well. Add to them the chopped meat of the chicken, butter, nutmeg, yolks of eggs, a quarter of a teaspoonful of salt, and a little pepper. Mix all well together. Form into balls about a half-inch in diameter, then fry them in butter until a light brown. Put them into the soup tureen. Strain the soup, skim all the fat from the surface, season with salt and pepper, let it boil up once, pour it over the balls and serve immediately.

Should you be obliged to keep this soup waiting, allow the soup to remain hot in the kettle, and place the balls where they will keep warm. Put together at serving time.