2 pounds of lean beef 1 quart of cold water 1 small onion 1 bay leaf

1 stalk of celery, or half teaspoonful of celery seed

Sprig of parsley

Free the meat from all fat and gristle and chop it fine (your butcher can do this best). Put the meat in the Soup kettle with the water, bay leaf, parsley, onion and celery; cover the kettle closely and place it on the back part of the range for two hours. Then place it over a good fire; skim at the first boil. Now place it over a moderate fire and simmer gently four hours. Strain, return it to the soup kettle, add salt and pepper. Beat the white of one egg with half a cup of cold water until thoroughly mixed. Wash the egg shell, mash it and add it to the white. In breaking the egg, take care to separate it so nicely that none of the yellow gets into the white - as the smallest portion of the yellow will prevent the bouillon from being perfectly clear. Now add the white, shell and water to the boiling bouillon; let it boil hard for ten minutes; then throw in one gill of cold water and boil five minutes longer; then take the kettle off the fire and strain through a flannel bag, add salt to taste and color with caramel - about half a teaspoonful to a quart. (See recipe for Caramel.)