Scotch Cakes

1 pound of flour 3/4 pound of butter

1 pound of sugar 3 eggs

1 tablespoonful of cinnamon

Mix the flour and butter, and rub well with the hands, then add the sugar, then the eggs well beaten, then the cinnamon. Mix all well together, roll out into a thin sheet, cut with a large round cutter, and bake in a moderate oven until a light brown.

Jackson Snaps

1 cup of butter 2 cups of sugar

1 egg

5 cups of flour 1 cup of water Juice and rind of a lemon

Beat the butter to a cream, add the sugar gradually; then add the egg and water; beat again, then add the flour; mix well, roll out, cut with a round cutter, and bake in a moderate oven until a light brown.

These, like ginger cakes, will keep a long while if shut in a tin box.

Ginger Snaps

2 pounds of flour 1 pint of molasses A dash of cayenne

1 large tablespoonful of ginger 1/2 pound of brown sugar 1/2 pound of butter or lard

Rub the butter or lard thoroughly into the flour, then add the sugar, then the ginger and cayenne; mix well, and moisten with the molasses. Knead and roll out very thin, cut with a small, round cutter, and bake in a moderate oven until a light brown.

These are very dry and hard to roll, but, if carefully mixed and handled, are delicious.


Make Plain Cup Cake batter, and pour it into greased shallow pans, to the depth of a half-inch. Bake in a moderate oven about ten minutes. When done, turn out on a cloth to cool. When cold, with a sharp knife cut the cake in oblong pieces, the shape of a domino, frost the top and sides with white icing, and stand aside to harden. When the frosting is hard, dip a small camel's-hair brush in chocolate icing, and draw lines and make the dots of the domino.

Cream Puffs

1/2 pint of water 4 ounces of flour

2 ounces of butter 4 eggs

Put the water and butter on to boil, and, as soon as it boils, turn in the flour and stir quickly over the fire until it sticks together, forming a ball, which leaves the pan. Stand away to cool. When cool, add one egg at a time, beating all the while. After adding the last egg, beat vigorously for five minutes. Stand in a warm place for a half-hour, stirring occasionally; then drop by tablespoonfuls on buttered tins, leaving a space of two inches between each puff. Bake in a quick oven about twenty minutes. Try by picking them up. If perfectly light, they are done. As they burn quickly, watch carefully. When cold, make an opening in one side, about the middle of the puff, and fill with the following: -

The Filling

1/2 pint of milk 4 eggs

1 tablespoonful of corn-starch 4 tablespoonfuls of sugar

1 teaspoonful of vanilla

Put the milk on to boil in a farina boiler. Beat the eggs, without separating, and the sugar together until light, add to them the corn-starch, and stir into the boiling milk. Stir over the fire until rather thick, then add the vanilla, and stand away to cool.