Small Nut Cakes

One pound of butter,

One and one-half cupfuls of sugar.

Four eggs,

Wine glassful of brandy.

Three cupfuls of flour,

One and one-half teaspoonfuls of baking powder, English walnuts.

Cream the butter; add the sugar gradually and cream together; beat the eggs until very creamy; sift baking-powder with flour; add the eggs to the creamed butter and sugar; add flour and brandy: shape into balls; put a piece of nut on top; bake in hot oven.

Devil's Food Cake

Part I

One-half cupful grated chocolate, One cupful of light brown sugar,

One-half cupful of milk

Cook over the fire, stirring until dissolved; set aside to cool.

Part II

One-half cupful of butter, One cupful of brown sugar, One-half cupful of sweet milk. One level teaspoonful of soda,

Two eggs,

Two and one-half cupfuls of flour,

Two teaspoonfuls of vanilla.

Cream the butter; add the sugar gradually and cream together; if lumpy mash out lumps with potato masher; add the eggs and beat thoroughly; dissolve the soda in the milk; add the milk and flour alternately; add the vanilla. Add Part I to Part II; bake in three layers; ice with boiled icing.

Queen Victoria's Wedding Cake

Twelve eggs,

Two pounds of currants,

One and one-half pounds of white sugar. One pound of butter, One cupful of brown sugar, One quart of brandy.

One-half cupful of boiled milk,

One pound of flour,

One pound of almonds,

Two pounds of citron,

One teaspoonful of nutmeg,

One teaspoonful of cloves,

One teaspoonful of cinnamon.

Blanch and cut the almonds into strips; slice citron; seed and clean raisins; wash and dry currants the day before mixing'; flour, sugar and almonds are dried and slightly browned in slow oven; separate the eggs and beat; cream the butter; add the sugar and cream together; add the flour and eggs alternately, mixing spices with the flour; then the milk; with wooden spatula beat in the fruit; add one pint of the brandy and bake four hours in a moderately heated oven; raise the pan from bottom of oven; when baked and cold turn over it the remaining pint of brandy; wrap in paraffine paper and box; once a year remove from box and pour over another pint of brandy.

Cake Icings

Caramel Icing

One cupful of brown sugar. One tablespoonful of butter,

One-third cupful of milk. One teaspoonful of vanilla.

Boil slowly until it thickens; then beat until thick enough to spread.

Cocoanut Icing

Beat the whites of two eggs stiff; add two cupfuls of powdered sugar and beat together; mix cocoanut with one-half the icing and spread between the layers; spread over the top and sides of the cake and sprinkle thickly with cocoanut on top and sides.

Boiled Icing

One cupful of granulated sugar,

One-fourth of a cupful of water.

Boil the water and sugar together until it will form a soft ball when dropped in ice water; beat the white of an egg until stiff; pour the boiling syrup over the beaten white of the egg and stir until it thickens; flavor with any desired flavoring-.

Chocolate Icing

Two squares of unsweetened chocolate, Three-fourths of a cupful of sugar,

One and one-half tablespoonfuls of milk, One egg.

Scrape the chocolate; add the milk and sugar; cook until it boils; beat the egg light and creamy; pour the chocolate mixture over the egg; cook one minute longer.