It is well, just before the beef soup is sent to table, to drop into the tureen poached eggs, which have been cooked in salted water, and neatly trimmed. There may be an egg for each person at table. This is a favorite soup in Havana. Or,

Put into the tureen, just before the soup is sent to table, slices of lemon - one slice for each plate. Or,

Yolks of hard-boiled eggs, one for each person. Or,

Put into the tureen croutons or dice of bread, say three-quarters of an inch square, fried in a little butter. When frying, or rather sauteing, turn them, that all sides may be browned. They may be prepared several hours, if more convenient, before dinner; then left near the fire, to become crisp and dry. This makes a very good soup, and is also an excellent means of using dry bread. It is a favorite French soup, called potage aux croutons. Or,

Drop into the tureen force-meat balls.