Chicken Cutlets

These cutlets are only chicken croquettes in a different form.

Chicken Cutlets 108

Prepare them like trimmed lamb chops, in the following man-ner: Make a shape pointed at one end and round at the other; then press it with the blade of a knife, giving it the shape of a cutlet. Egg and bread-crumb these cutlets, and fry them in boil-ing lard; then stick in a paper ruffle at the pointed end. Serve them, one cutlet overlapping the other, in a circle, with a tomato-sauce in the centre of it, or around a pile of mushrooms or of pease. This is considered a very palatable dish for a dinner company.

Chicken, With Macaroni Or With Rice (French Cook)

Cut the chicken into pieces; fry or sauté them in a little hot drippings, or in butter the size of an egg; when nearly done, put the pieces into another saucepan; add a heaping tea-spoonful of flour to the hot drippings, and brown it. Mix a little cold or lukewarm water to the roux; when smooth, add a pint or more of boiling water; pour this over the chicken in the saucepan, add a chopped sprig of parsley, a clove of garlic, pepper, and salt. Let the chicken boil half or three-quarters of an hour, or until it is thoroughly done; then take out the pieces of chicken. Pass the sauce through a sieve, and remove all the fat. Have ready some macaroni which has been boiled in salted water, and let it boil in this sauce. Arrange the pieces of chicken tastefully on a dish; pour the macaroni and sauce over them, and serve; or, instead of macaroni, use boiled rice, which may be managed in the same way as the macaroni.

Curry Of Chicken

Cut the chicken into pieces, leaving out the body bones; sea-son them with pepper and salt; fry them in a sauté pan in butter; cut an onion into small slices, which fry in the butter until quite red; now add a tea-cupful of stock freed from fat, an even tea-spoonful of sugar, and a table-spoonful of curry-pow-der, mixed with a little flour; rub the curry-powder and flour smooth with a little stock before adding it to the saucepan; put in the chicken pieces, and let them boil two or three minutes; add then the juice of half a lemon. Serve this in the centre of a bed of boiled rice.

Veal, lamb, rabbits, or turkey may be cooked in the same way. The addition of half a cocoa-nut, grated, is an improvement.

Chickens For Supper

After having boiled a chicken or chickens in as little water as possible until the meat falls from the bones, pick off the meat, chop it rather fine, and season it well with pepper and salt. Now put into the bottom of a mold some slices of hardboiled eggs, next a layer of chopped chicken, then more slices of eggs and layers of chicken until the mold is nearly full; boil down the water in which the chicken was boiled until there is about a cupful left, season it well, and pour it over the chicken; it will sink through, forming a jelly around it. Let it stand overnight or all day on the ice. It is to be sliced at table. If there is any fear about the jelly not being stiff enough, a little gelatine may be soaked and added to the cupful of stock. Garnish the dish with light - colored celery leaves, or with fringed celery.

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How To Fringe Celery For Garnishing

Cut the stalks into two-inch lengths; stick plenty of coarse needles into the top of a cork; draw half of the stalk of each piece of celery through the needles. When all the fibrous parts are separated, lay the celery in some cold place to curl and crisp.