Baked Apples

Pare and core large, juicy pippins, without cutting them to pieces; fill the cavities with sugar, and a little lemon-juice or extract, and some thin slices of the yellow part of the lemon-rind; put them into a pan with a little water in the bottom; sprinkle sugar over the tops, baste them often, and, when done, set them away to cool. Serve them with cream, or they may be served with whipped cream, flavored with sugar and essence of lemon, poured over so as to nearly conceal them; or serve them with a boiled custard poured over them.

Friar's Omklet

Stew six or seven good-sized apples as for apple-sauce; stir in, when cooked and still wann, butter the size of a pigeon's egg, and one cupful of sugar; when cold, stir in three well-beaten eggs and a little lemon-juice. Now put a small piece of butter into a sauté pan, and when hot throw in a cupful of bread-crumbs; stir them over the fire until they assume a light-brown color. Butter a mold, and sprinkle on the bottom and sides as many of these bread-crumbs as will adhere; fill in the apple preparation, sprinkle bread-crumbs on top, bake it for fif-teen or twenty minutes, and turn it out on a good-sized platter. It can be eaten with or without a sweet sauce.

Floating Islands

Separate the whites and yolks of four eggs; with the yolks make a boiled custard with, say, a large pint of milk, four table - spoonfuls of sugar, and a flavoring of vanilla, essence of lemon, sherry-wine, peach-leaves, or any of the usual flavorings. Beat the whites to a stiff froth, sweetening and flavoring them a little also. Wet a long spoon, turn it around in the beaten egg, taking out a piece of oblong shape; poach it, turning it around in boiling water, or milk, which is better. When the custard is cold, pour it into a glass dish, and place these poached whites on top; or make a circle of the whites in a platter, and pour the custard between.


Soak a sponge-cake baked in a form (or, in fact, dry pieces of cake of any kind can be used) in sherry-wine. When satu-rated enough, so that it will not fall to pieces, pour over it a boiled custard (No. 1), flavored with any thing preferred. If placed in a glass dish, decorate with the beaten whites of the eggs poached, and with dots of jelly. If served in a common platter, squeeze the beaten whites (sweetened and flavored) through a funnel in any fancy shapes over the pudding, and put it into the oven to receive a delicate color.


Beat the yolks of two eggs in a pudding-dish; add two cup-fuls of sugar. Dissolve four table-spoonfuls of corn starch in a little cold water. Stir into it two tea-cupfuls of boiling water. Put in the juice of two lemons, with some of the grated peel. Mix all together with a tea-spoonful of butter. Bake it about fifteen minutes. When done, spread over the top the beaten whites of the eggs sweetened, and let it color a moment in the oven. To be eaten hot or cold.


Soak some crumbled bread in milk. Put a layer of this (rather moist) in the bottom of a pudding-dish; sprinkle over some raisins and a little cinnamon powder, then another layer of soaked bread-crumbs, raisins, and cinnamon powder. Now beat up three eggs (to about a quart of soaked breadcrumbs) with two heaping table-spoonfuls of sugar; mix into it a quarter of a cupful of rum, brandy, or wine, and pour it all over the pudding in the dish. Bake about twenty minutes.

Bread-And-Butter Pudding

Strew layers of English currants between slices of buttered bread (crust cut off). Pour over them a boiled custard flavored with nutmeg or any other flavoring desired. Set them into the oven to soak, and bake about fifteen minutes.

Fried Bread-Pudding

Cut the crust from slices of bread. Cut them into pieces of the same shape and size. Soak them a few moments in cus-tard - i. e., some milk, one or two eggs, and sugar to taste, and a flavoring of cinnamon. Sauté them in hot lard to a delicate brown. Serve with brandy-sauce, or almost any kind of sweet sauce.

Indian-Corn Pudding

Scald a quart of milk, and stir in seven table-spoonfuls of sifted corn-meal, a tea-spoonful of salt, one tea-cupful of molasses, a table-spoonful of ginger. Bake three hours.