How To Fry Eels

Skin them, cut them into f our-inch lengths, season them with salt and pepper, roll them in flour or salted corn-meal, and fry them in boiling lard. Some parboil eels and bull-heads, saying it removes a muddy taste. I do not think it is necessary. Fried eels are generally served with a tomato, a pickle, or a Tartare sauce.

Eels Stewed (London Cooking-Schooî)

Put three - quarters of a cupful of butter into a stew-pan; when hot, add four small onions minced fine, which cook to a light-brown color; add then a table - spoonful of flour; when well mixed and cooked, add two cupfuls of stock, a wine-glass-ful of port-wine, and two bay leaves (the bay leaves may be omitted). Now put in the eels (two small ones or one large one), cut into pieces one inch long. Cover tightly.

They will be ready to send to the table in about fifteen minutes, served on a hot platter, with a circle around them of toast-ed or fried slices of bread (croûtons), eut diamond-shaped.