Sheep's Tongues, With Spinach

Braise a number of sheep's-tongues with salt pork, parsley, onion, some whole peppers, a tea-spoonful of sugar, and enough stock to cover them. Let them simmer one and a half hours.

Serve with spinach in the centre of the dish, and seasoned with lem-on-juice, a little of the tongue stock, some Cay-enne pepper, salt, and butter. Serve the tongues around it, and diamonds or fancy cuts of fried bread (croûtons) around the outside circle.

Sheep's Tongues à La Mayonnaise

Boil half a dozen sheep's tongues with one or two slices of bacon, one carrot, one onion, two cloves, two or three sprigs of parsley, salt and pepper (some add two table-spoonfuls of sherry or port wine, but this may be omitted), and enough boil-ing water (or, better, stock) to cover them. Let them simmer about one and a half hours, replenishing the boiling water or the stock when necessary. When thoroughly done, skin and trim them neatly; lay them between two plates, to flatten them, A professional cook would glaze them with the stock boiled down in which they were cooked; however, this is only for the sake of appearance. Arrange them in a circle around a dish, with a Mayonnaise sauce poured in the centre.

Sheep's Tongues, With Sauce Tartare

Boil the tongues in salted water into which has been squeezed the juice of half a lemon (for six tongues). Serve with sauce Tartare (see page 128).

Sheep s Tongues With Sauce Tartare 101