Cheese Pudding No. 1

1 cupful grated cheese

1 cupful boiling milk

2 eggs

1 tablespoonful bread crumbs

1 dessertspoonful butter 1 teaspoonful flour 1 teaspoonful salt dash of pepper

Mix in a bowl, cheese, flour, salt, pepper and crumbs, add the boiling milk, softened butter, yolks and stiffly beaten whites. Stir thoroughly, bake in a buttered dish twenty minutes, and serve hot.

Cheese Pudding No. 2

1/2 cupful bread crumbs 3 eggs

1 1/2 cupfuls milk 1/2 teaspoonful mustard

2 cupfuls grated cheese 1 tablespoonful butter

1 cupful whipped cream pinch of salt dash of pepper

Mix together crumbs, salt, pepper, mustard and milk, put in double boiler, removing when hot to add cheese and beaten yolks. When cool, add stiffly beaten whites and cream. Fill baking cups half full, set in a pan of hot water, and bake fifteen or twenty minutes in a quick oven.

2 1/2 cupfuls grated cheese flour

1/2 cupful butter pinch of salt dash cayenne pepper

Mix cheese and softened butter thoroughly, add salt and pepper and sufficient flour to roll the dough very thin. Put in a buttered pan, draw a knife across the dough in sections one-half inch in width, and bake in quick oven.