About Sandwiches

Bake bread in baking-powder cans. Butter cans and fill one-third full when dough is to be baked with the covers on (which makes a tender crust), and one-half full when it is to be baked without covers.

When necessary to make sandwiches some time in advance of their being eaten, wrap them in a cloth wrung out of hot water and put in a cool place.

Do not use bread any less than a day old.

Herb Sandwiches

Mix chopped lettuce, pepper grass, watercress and peppermint with mayonnaise dressing.

Vegetable Sandwiches

Cold boiled oyster plant, beets and cauliflower with any preferred dressing.

Sandwich Filling Combinations

Cream cheese and dates.

Apples and onions.

Two parts nuts, one part preserved ginger, moistened with thick cream.

Olives and walnuts moistened with Mayonnaise Dressing. Sweetened mashed bananas.

Jam or marmalade covered with cream cheese.

For a sweet sandwich, chopped figs and dates, with a few drops of lemon juice.

Many people like cayenne pepper sprinkled on bread and butter sandwiches for evening refreshment

Chopped cold boiled eggs and lettuce with French Dressing.

Finely chopped peanuts and Mayonnaise.

Chopped nuts, cream cheese, olive oil and lemon juice.

Chopped mint leaves with French Dressing.

Chopped onions and Mayonnaise.

Lettuce leaves spread with Mayonnaise, sprinkled with grated cheese and nuts.