Claret Cup No. 1

1 quart claret rind of cucumber

1 cupful sugar 1 liqueur glass brandy

1 liqueur glass curacoa

Mix all together, let stand thirty minutes, remove cucumber rind and add ice.

Claret Cup No. 2

3/4 cupful seedless raisins 2 quarts Apollinaris

1 quart cold water 1 4-in. stick of cinnamon

2 cupfuls sugar 1 cupful lemon juice

1 pint claret 1 3/4 cupfuls orange juice sliced fruits

Simmer the raisins in the water thirty minutes. Strain, add cinnamon broken in small pieces, sugar, and half the lemon juice. Boil all together for five minutes. Then add orange and remainder of lemon juice, strain and let become ice cold. Put in the punch bowl a block of ice, pour the claret over it, then the mixture and then just before serving, the Apollinaris.

Put in small slices of fruits.

This is for a company of twenty five.