Take cabbage cut in small pieces; green "mealies" (heads of Indian corn) in rings; tiny carrots, green grapes, small onions, green apples cut in strips. Sprinkle well with salt in an earthen basin for a night. Dry two or three days. Then take onions, cut in rings (about half a pound to every three pounds of the other ingredients), fry in a pan, with olive oil, to a light brown. Take one cup of bruised ginger (dried ginger, not ground fine, but just crushed in a mortar), a few spoonfuls of turmeric, one cup of sugar; mix with three bottles of vinegar. Let it boil, then add cabbage and all the other ingredients; let the whole boil for an hour. Put into stone jars, and cork. Will keep for years.

Unripe peaches, cut in quarters, sprinkled with salt, and dried, make a most delicious pickle with the same sauce.

Another similar recipe adds two ounces of coriander seed and two ounces of mustard to the sauce.