Sixpenny packet of Gelatine. I cup of Cold Water.

Juice of 7 Lemons. 1 lb. of Crushed Sugar.

The whites of a Eggs.

Soak a sixpenny packet of gelatine in a cupful of cold water; then add a cupful of boiling water, the juice of seven lemons, and one pound of crushed loaf sugar; whisk well together; now add the whites of two eggs well beaten. Beat all together for half an hour or more, and boil for an hour and a quarter tied up in a cloth (or it may be baked instead). When done it repays you for all your trouble; it is so pretty, looks like snow, and melts in the mouth.


3 tablespoonfuls of Maizena. 3 Eggs.

2 tablespoonfuls of Sugar.

3 breakfast-cups of Milk.

A dessertspoonful of Butter.

A tiny pinch of Salt.

I teaspoonful of Vanilla Essence or a bit of Cinnamon, or 10 drops of Essence of Almonds.

Set the milk to boil with the sugar, keeping half a cup to mix with the maizena and butter and the yolks of the eggs. When the milk boils pour in the maizena, etc.; stir till quite done, which can be told by the maizena coming off from the bottom of the saucepan. Have ready the whites stirred to a stiff froth, draw the saucepan to the side; let the whites lie on the boiling mixture for a minute or two before stirring it lightly with the pudding, then pour into a wetted mould; turn out when cold. Serve with preserved peaches, or very good without.

A smaller pudding of this kind is nice for invalids - say one cup of milk, one spoonful maizena, one fresh egg, and other ingredients in proportion. Veiy good cold pudding.