Mrs. Furlong's Brown Bread

Three cups of corn meal, one cup of flour, one cup of syrup, one cup of sour milk, two cups of sweet milk, one teaspoon of soda, one teaspoon of salt; steam four hours.

Brown Steamed Bread

Mrs. G. B. Griffin.

Two cups corn meal, one cup Graham flour, one cup white flour, one cup molasses, two cups sour milk, one cup sweet milk, one teaspoon saleratus; steam four hours.

Brown Bread

Mrs. J. M. Durand.

Scald two quarts of Indian meal; when sufficiently cool add two quarts of rye meal, one-half cup of yeast, one-half cup of molasses ; add warm water, and stir hard as you can well with a spoon; set down to rise ; when light stir well; put in pans to rise a second time. Steam one hour, and let bake from one-half to one hour.

Brown Bread

Mrs. G. F. De Forrest, Freeport, 111.

One and a half pints of thick sour milk, one and a half cups Graham flour, one and a half cups rye flour, two cups two-thirds full of Indian meal, one-half cup of molasses, salt, one heaping teaspoon soda beaten into the milk before adding the other ingredients. Steam five hours. Very fine.

Steamed Brown Bread

Mrs. C. G. Smith.

One pint of sweet milk, four tablespoons of molasses, one cup of Indian meal, two cups of rye or Graham flour, one teaspoon of salt, one of saleratus ; mix with a spoon, and steam three hours, and bake half an hour or more.

Brown Bread

Mrs. Lamkin.

One and one-half cups of rye meal, one and one-half of Indian meal, one-half cup of molasses, two and one-half of cold water, even teaspoon of soda, a little salt; steam four and a half hours, then put it in the oven for a very few minutes, just to take the moisture from the top.

Brown Bread

Mrs. Banks.

Two cups of Graham flour, one of wheat flour, two large spoons of molasses, a little salt, one yeast cake or half cup of yeast, warm water enough to make a very stiff* batter. Put it in the bake-tin, and when light enough, bake in a good oven three-fourths of an hour.

Boston Brown Bread

Mrs. F. E. Stearns. One and one-half cups of Graham flour, two cups of corn meal, one-half cup of molasses, one pint of sweet milk, and one-half a teaspoon of soda; steam three hours.

Brown Bread

Mrs. Kent.

Three and one-half cups of Graham flour, two of corn meal, three of sour milk, one-half of molasses, one and one-half teaspoons of soda; steam two and one-half hours, and put in the oven for fifteen minutes.

Brown Bread

Mrs. E. Wood.

One quart of Graham flour, one pint of wheat flour, one-half cup of brown sugar, one pint of yeast, a little salt; let rise; put in pans; stand short time to rise, and then bake.

Boston Brown Bread

Mrs. L. Gilbert, Evanston.

Three teacups Graham flour, two teacups corn meal one-half teacup molasses, one pint sour milk, one pint water, one teaspoon soda, one teaspoon salt, put into a tin pail, covered tightly and boil four hours in a kettle.

Brown Bread Toast

Cut the bread in slices and toast. Put it in the dish for the table, take a bowl of thick cream, add a little salt, then pour over the toast; put it in the oven until it heats through.

Brown Bread

Mrs. Wm. Blair.

Take part of the sponge that has been prepared for your white bread, warm water can be added, mix it with Graham flour (not too stiff); and one cup of molasses for three loaves of bread.

For Brown Biscuit. - Take this Graham dough, as prepared for bread, working in a little butter. Butter the size of an egg is sufficient for two dozen biscuits.

Brown Joe

Mrs. O. L. Wheelock

Two cups of Indian meal, two of flour, one of molasses, one pint of milk, one teaspoon of soda, same of salt; steam six hours.

Traveler's Bread

Take Graham flour (unsifted); and currants, figs, dates or raisins may be used by chopping them ; stir quite stiffly with the coldest water as briskly as possible, so as to incorporate air with it; then knead in all the unbolted wheat flour you can; cut in cakes or rolls one-half inch thick, and bake in a quick oven.

Steamed Bread

Sophia B. Irmberg.

One cup flour, one cup rye meal, one cup corn meal one-half cup molasses, one and a half cups of sour milk one egg, little salt, one teaspoon soda. Steam for three hours; then set the pan in the oven for ten or twenty minutes before sending it to the table.