Stella's Corn Cake

Mrs. F. M. Cragin.

No. 1 - One pint milk, one pint meal, two eggs, a piece of butter size of an egg, one and a half teaspoons cream tartar, three-fourths teaspoon soda, one-half teaspoon salt, a little sugar.

No. 2. - One pint sour milk, two eggs, one pint meal, one tablespoon melted butter, one teaspoon saleratus.

No. 3. - One pint sour milk, one-half pint water, one quart meal, three tablespoons melted lard, one teaspoon saleratus, one teaspoon salt.

Green Corn Cakes

Mrs. A. M.

One pint of grated sweet corn, three tablespoons milk, one teacup of drawn butter, one teaspoon salt, one-half teaspoon black pepper, if liked one egg. Drop by the tablespoon in hot butter. Fry from ten to twenty minutes.

Corn Cakes

Mrs. B. F. Adams.

Three cups Indian meal, one cup flour, two cups sweet milk, one cup sour milk, one egg, teaspoon salt, teaspoon soda. Bake half an hour. This, with half a cup molasses and one cup suet, makes a nice pudding. Steam four hours.

Corn Cakes

Mrs. Pulsifer.

One pint of milk, one-half pint of corn meal, two tablespoons of flour, two eggs, one tablespoon of lard or butter, three tablespoons of sugar, one-half teaspoon baking powder. Beat well.

Corn Cakes

S. S. Pierce. One pint meal, one pint flour, one cup white sugar, two eggs, piece of butter size small egg; melt the butter; teaspoon soda, two teaspoons cream tartar, salt, sweet milk; made as thick as griddle cakes.

Good Corn Cakes

Mrs. Wm. C. Harris. Scald about a pint of corn meal at night, adding a little salt; in the morning stir in one egg, and milk enough to make it thin enough to drop from a spoon on a tin.

Corn Cakes

E. E. Marcy.

One and one-half cups of Indian meal, one-half cup fine flour, one-half of molasses, one of milk, one-half teaspoon soda, a little salt. For weak stomachs, it is an improvement to add a little ginger.