Scrape Baker's chocolate fine, mix with a little cold water and the yolks of eggs well beaten ; add this to equa) parts of milk and water, and boil well, being careful that it does not burn. Sweeten to taste and serve hot.

Soda Cream

M. G. Rand. Two and one-half pounds white sugar, one-eight pound tartaric acid, both dissolved in one quart of hot water; when cold, add the beaten whites of three eggs, stirring well; bottle for use. Put two large spoons of this syrup in a glass of cold water, and stir in it one-fourth of a spoon of bicarbonate of soda. Any flavor can be put in the syrup. An excellent drink for summer.

Raspberry Acid

Mrs. G. W. Pitkin. Dissolve five ounces of tartaric acid in two quarts of water; pour it upon twelve pounds of red raspberries in large large bowl; let it stand twenty-four hours; strain it without pressing; to a pint of this liquor add one and a half pounds of white sugar; stir until dissolves. Bottle, but do not cook for several days, when it is ready for use. Two or three tablespoons in a glass of ice water will make delicious beverage.