Pop Overs

Mrs. Andrews. One cup milk, one cup flour, one egg, beaten separately. Bake in cups, a tablespoon to each cup.

Pop Overs

S. S. Pierce. One cup flour, one cup milk, one egg, piece butter size of a walnut, a little salt; to be baked in scallops in a very quick oven This rule makes twelve,

Pop Overs

Mrs. King.

Three cups of milk, three cups flour, three eggs, a little salt, one tablespoon melted butter put in the last thing; two tablespoons to a puff.

Corn Pop Overs

Mrs. A. T. Hall.

One pint sweet milk scalded; stir into the hot milk a cofleecup of corn meal, a piece of butter half the size of an egg, a little salt, three eggs well beaten, and stirred in the last thing. No soda.