Bread Pudding

Mrs. C. M., Winnetka, 111.

Put a pint of scalded milk to a pint of bread crumbs, and add the yolks of four eggs well beaten, a teacup of sugar, butter the size of an egg, and the grated rind of a lemon; bake, and then beat the whites of the eggs into a cup of powdered sugar and the juice of one lemon; cover the pudding with it, and set it in the oven till it is a brownish yellow.

Bread Pudding Without Milk

Mrs. A. M. Gibbs.

Take dry bread pieces, a half pint more or less, and pour boiling water on them; when soft, mix with this a cup of fruit of any kind, stewed or fresh, and add two tablespoons melted butter, the yolks of two eggs, spice and sugar to taste; bake twenty minutes ; just before it is done spread on the beaten whites of the eggs, and brown nicely. To be eaten with wine sauce.

Brown Betty

Mrs. L. M. Angle.

One cup of bread crumbs, two of chopped apples (tart) one-half cup of sugar, one teaspoon of cinnamon, two tablespoons of butter cut into small bits; butter a deep dish and put a layer of chopped apple at the bottom, sprinkle with sugar, a few bits of butter and cinnamon. Proceed in this order until the dish is full, having a layer of crumbs on the top; cover closely and steam threequarters of an hour in a moderate oven; then uncover and brown quickly; eat with sugar and cream. This is a plain, but very good pudding, especially for the children's table.

Oxford Pudding

M. A. Sadler, Aurora.

A quarter of a pound of crackers pounded, a quarter of a pound of currants washed, a quarter of a pound of suet shred fine, half a large spoon of fine sugar; some grated nutmeg; mince it all together, then take the yolks of four eggs and make it up into balls as big as turkey egg; fry them in fresh butter of a fine light brown.

Baked Cracker Pudding

Mrs. H. P. Stowell.

Two quarts of sweet milk, seven Boston butter crackers rolled, three eggs, a little nutmeg, a little salt, sweeten with sugar to taste. Bake two hours and a half in a moderate oven.

Apple Bread Pudding

Mrs. O. L. Wheelock. Pare, core and chop one-half dozen sour apples; dry bread in the oven until crisp, then roll; butter a deer dish and place in it a layer of crumbs and apples alternately, with spice, and one-half cup of beef suet chopped fine; pour in one-half pint of sweet milk, and bake till nicely browned ; serve with hard sauce.