Wooden Ware

Kitchen Table; Wash Bench; Wash Tubs, (three sizes); Wash Board; Skirt Board; Bosom Board; Bread Board; Towel Roll; Potatoe Masher; Wooden Spoons; Clothes Stick; Flour Barrel Cover; Flour Sieve; Chopping Bowl; Soap Bowl; Pails ; Lemon Squeezer; Clothes Wringer; Clothes Bars; Clothes Pins; Clothes Baskets; Mop; Wood Boxes, (nests).

Tin Ware

One Boiler for Clothes; one Boiler for Ham; one Bread Pan; two Dish Pans; one Preserving Pan; four Milk Pans; two Quart Basins; two Pint Basins; two quart covered Tin Pails ; one four-quart covered Tin Pail; Sauce Pans with covers, two sizes; two Tin Cups with handles ; four Jelly Moulds, (half-pint); two Pint Moulds for rice, blanc-mange, etc.; one Skimmer; two Dippers, different sizes; two Funnels, (one for jug and one for cruets); one quart measure, also, pint, half-pint and gill measures, (they should be broad and low as they are more easily kept clean) ; three Scoops; Bread Pans ; two round Jelly Cake Pans, and two long Pie Pans ; One Coffee Pot; one Tea Steeper; one Colander; one Steamer; one Horse Radish Grater; one Nutmeg Grater; one small Salt Sieve; one Hair Sieve for straining jelly; one Dover's Egg Beater; One Cake Turner; one Cake Cutter; one Apple Corer; one Potato Cutter; one dozen Muffin Rings ; one Soap Shaker; Ice Filter; Flour Dredge; Tea Canister; Coffee Canister; Cake, Bread, Cracker, and Cheese Boxes; Crumb Tray; Dust Pans.

Iron Ware

Range; one Pot with steamer to fit; one Soup Kettle; Preserving Kettle (porcelain); Tea Kettle; large and small Frying Pans; Dripping Pans; Gem Pans; Iron Spoons of different sizes; one Gridiron; one Griddle; one Waffle Iron; Toasting Rack; Meat Fork; Jagging Iron; Can Opener; Coffee Mill; Flat Irons ; Hammer; Tack Hammer; Screw Driver; Ice Pick.

Stone Ware

Crocks of various sizes; Bowls holding six quarts, four quarts, two quarts, and pint bowls; six Earthen Baking Dishes, different sizes.


Table Brush; two Dust Brushes; two Scrub Brushes; one Blacking Brush for stove; Shoe Brush; Hearth Brush ; Brooms.