Both sweet and meat sauces go a long way towards making delicate and tasty the cold sliced meat or the cakes which one buys in an emergency at the delicatessen shops. The plain white sauce may serve for the so-called "cream toast" or for the dried or old-fashioned "shaved beef" or for the cold ham cut in dice. A little cottage pudding sauce, made of a cup of hot water, a little butter and flour and the juice of a lemon, freshens up a great deal the plain little cakes of muffin size or cup or even the slices from a plain loaf. One has but to put her wits to work to adapt her resources to the occasion. A quickly made chocolate syrup will serve equally for a drink, with some chopped ice and milk or cream, and for a sauce for rice balls or a custard pudding. The Sunday night supper offers great opportunity for the display of art and ingenuity.